Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

-Nelson Mandela

Powerful Beyond Measure

At Ariel we assume that all students and adults have character.   Character is seen in subtle, powerful ways throughout a school.  The conversations and interactions between peers, adults, and children all communicate strong messages of conduct and mind.  What varies is the frequency and extent whereby evidence of character is shared and demonstrated by individuals on a daily basis.

The job of an educator is to create opportunities and ecosystems whereby demonstrations of personal character are encouraged and recognized.  At this point in time we refer to this practice as being powerful beyond measure.  Powerful Beyond Measure can be defined as a curriculum that offers students, through recognized demonstrations of our values, a means in which to monitor, assess and mange the quality of their thinking and conduct.

Our challenge is to develop a curriculum for personal empowerment that quickly acknowledges character and yet remains simple enough to be understood by all children and adults.  The following four principles, derived from the Citizens of Ariel, form the cornerstones of the Ariel classroom environment.

1. Your words are the evidence of your mind and character, choose them carefully.

2. Your work is evidence of your growth and learning, make it your very best.

3. Your honesty is the evidence of your trustworthiness, take responsibility for your mistakes and fix them.

4. Your help and kindness make the world a better place, be generous with both.