Ariel Community Academy is a school of uncompromised excellence. The school’s goal has always been to provide the best education to the students and prepare them for future success.

Dr. Coleman ( Principal ) has worked tirelessly since the founding of the school to ensure that the students receive the best education at Ariel. She strongly believes in hiring the best, and the most qualified teachers to ensure the schools vision is fulfilled year by year. Dr. Shelton, the school’s Curriculum Director, works with teachers to ensure that the curriculum used to educate the students is updated with the constantly changing landscape of education.

From the principal to the clerk, our administration staff is always accessible to teachers as well as parents. Their commitment to the community and to the students serves as a model for all of our staff.


Our primary department sets the foundation for learning and achievement within our school. The primary grades include: Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and 1st grade. Primary students also start being exposed to Science!


Our beginning intermediate program includes 2nd and 3rd grades. Both the grades loop, thereby giving teachers two years to educate and develop learners.

The 4th and 5th grades prepare students for a successful transition into middle school. All students get specialized instruction in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. Students are also exposed to technology and fine arts!


Our goal at Ariel is to prepare students for success in High School and beyond. Therefore our middle school is departmentalized, where all students get specialized instruction by instructors who are specifically trained in their content area.


Apart from the typical core courses, Ariel students also get special courses throughout the week. These classes include: Investments, Spanish, Library, Drama, Career Education, Gym, Reading and Writing


We have a dedicated special education staff that strives to accommodate students with special needs. Ariel also has a special education class for a small group of autistic students.